The Negative Keyword Scout

✓  Reveal expensive keywords
✓  Across clients accounts
✓  save 1 hr / week
Say goodbye to manual search term analysis.

✅︎ Save an hour a week by letting the script reveal cost hungry search terms for you

✅︎ Automatically exclude or manually double check the search terms in the reporting Gsheet.

✅︎ Never miss out on excluding bad search queries again. The script can be scheduled to run daily and warn you on every outlier.

What the Script Does:

This script will crawl search terms of your accounts underneath your MCC account. Depending on your settings it will then automatically exclude these search terms or create a report on them.

In this example the script will exclude search terms for all match types except exact matches. Whenever a search term has cost >= adGroup CPA and cost / conv. >= adGroup CPA it will be excluded.

Understanding the settings for the script

Report / change only labeled adgroups: 
will only go through labeled adgroups. "NO" will go through all adgroups (expect long runtime)

Reporting timeframe: Select the date range for the script to look at the data

Let script exclude search terms? "YES" will make the script automatically create negative keywords when all conditions are fullfilled. "NO" will make the script only report on those filters (which keywords would be excluded)

These settings let you tell the script when to exclude a search term. A search term will only be excluded if all of these settings are true.

Check out some sample settings in the video: 

Understanding the data after the script ran

Once the script ran you will be able to see your spend and conversions per match type. Also it shows you the spend and conversions of the excluded search terms.

In the overview graphs you can see the cost and conversion amounts excluded. Search terms will only be excluded when the setting is set to true. Otherwise this will be reporting only.

Scrolling further down on the Overview graphs tab we can check on the search terms that match our criteria.

In this example we have 8 search terms which are more expensive than the adgroups average. So we might want to exclude them. The overview graph above says we would cut 4.5% cost while only cutting 3.5% of conversions.

How to Set Up the Script:

  1. Prepare the Google Sheet:
  1. Configure the Script in Google Ads:
    • Log in to your Google Ads account.
    • Navigate to Tools & Settings > Bulk actions > Scripts.
    • Click the "+" button to create a new script.
    • Copy and paste the script below into the script editor.
    • Replace "YOUR_SPREADSHEET_URL_HERE" in the script with the URL of the Google Sheet you prepared.
    • Save the script.
  2. Authorize and Test the Script:
    • The first time you run the script, you will need to authorize it to access your Google Ads data and the Google Sheet.
    • Click the "Preview" button to run the script in test mode. This allows you to verify that the script works as expected without making any changes to your live data.
    • Check out the graphs to understand your match type performance better.
    • Have fun!