Google Ads - Match type Oberserver (including close matches)

What the Script Does:

  1. Date Range: The script pulls data for the past 30 days
  2. Data Categorization by Match Type: KPIs are categorized by match types (e.g., Broad, Exact, Phrase, and their close variants) to provide detailed insights into performance based on match type. This includes close variants of phrase and exact matches.
  3. Changes in the Account: No changes are made. This is reporting only.
  4. This is for MCC accounts only! It will not work in non-mcc accounts
Get instant insight on your match type performance week on week over the past 30 days

How to Set Up the Script:

  1. Choose your version:
  1. Configure the Script in Google Ads:
    • Log in to your Google Ads MCC account.
    • Navigate to Tools & Settings > Bulk actions > Scripts.
    • Click the "+" button to create a new script.
    • Copy and paste the script below into the script editor.
    • Replace "YOUR_SPREADSHEET_URL_HERE" in the script with the URL of the Google Sheet you prepared.
    • Save the script.
  2. Authorize and Test the Script:
    • The first time you run the script, you will need to authorize it to access your Google Ads data and the Google Sheet.
    • Click the "Preview" button to run the script in test mode. This allows you to verify that the script works as expected without making any changes to your live data.
    • Check out the graphs to understand your match type performance better.
    • Have fun!